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Spiritual Mentoring

Support and guidance for highly sensitive, intuitive, fellow lightworkers who are committed to balancing the light-dark ratio on planet earth. 

Support and guidance for those seeking to identify and fullfill their spiritual mission.


I play the role of observer and mentor to seekers who desire greater ability to listen to their everyday inner wisdom.  I help people identify and respond to their spiritual calling.  After learning deeply from my own dysfunctions, I guide others to organize thier lives for the fulfillment of their hearts and souls and the completion of their spiritual patterns.

                                 Focus Areas: 


  • Being present to the Now moment

  • Listening internally

  • Following inner prompts

  • Relaxing; reducing stress and turmoil

  • Lightening-up

  • Experiencing deeper joy

  • Maintaining physical, mental, and emotional health

  • Contributing to the conscious evolution of our soul cluster and the soul of humanity

Still Waters Introductory Offer

I offer a one-hour spiritual mentoring conversation, free.  If we're a good fit for each other, we'll co-design a path forward.  

I envision a world where we humans take personal responsibility for our lives and well being; fulfill our spiritual purpose; care for mother earth; and  contribute to the conscious evolution of humankind.  


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