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Restorative Yoga, Meditation, Life Coaching, Community Building, Dialogue and Dinner Events, and Transformational Business Services 

About the Center

The Transformation Center, located at 337 4th Avenue in Havre, Montana, was created from Anne's desire to provide a relaxing space for people to come together, learn from each other, and connect.  The space features a small group meeting space / kitchen and a yoga studio that is also used for classes and workshops. 

While there, you're invited to browse our beautiful collection of stones and crystals.  Whether you collect them or use them energetically, we have a wide variety of specially curated pieces.  For a one-to-one showing, call Anne at 406-399-0952 or text 720-838-8779.

Transformational Offerings

Individual Transformational

Restorative Yoga

Meditation Classes



Monthly Dialogue and Dinner Events,

Heart & Soul Community Development Program 



 Inner Peace Coaching

Ego Transformation Coaching 

Whole Life Coaching

Business Transformational

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Leadership and Board Retreats

Mindful Leadership

Mindfulness at Work

Workplace Ego Transformation


About Anne

Anne Neal-Dugdale has been a facilitator, trainer, coach, and mentor since 1994. She is a transformation expert helping individuals, groups, organizations, and communities imagine an extraordinary future, take forward steps, and make positive changes to achieve its reality. 


In 2016, Anne underwent a year of training to become a certified licensed yoga instructor and teaches Restorative Yoga in Havre.  She's also a coach with the Heart & Soul Community Development program sponsored by the Orton Family Foundation ( 

Anne is known for her generosity, enthusiasm, and upbeat attitude.



About Anne's Facilitation Services:  "Good techniques and visuals; good preparation;  positive vibes throughout the room."  "Anne’s methods seem to work for this group as the methods don’t allow group to be bogged down by too many details but are still in-depth enough to gain better insight and reflection."

​​                                                         Comments from 2017 Strategic Planning Retreat, Denver CO

    Executive Coaching Client's Comments:  "I think of our conversations often and so valued your               coaching and listening to me over the several years we worked together. It helped me more than you        would ever imagine."  International Consulting Engineering Firm - Executive Vice President

About Restorative Yoga:  "I've practiced yoga for a few years.  It was great but I felt I needed something different.  I wasn't sure what to look for.  Restorative Yoga has tightened my abdominal muscles the most.  It calms my mind and works wonders with my body.  I know this is where I want to be and I'm so glad I found out about it."   T. Dion, Havre MT

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