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Awakening Your Everyday Wisdom, a practical approach to spirituality in a rapidly changing world, addressing a wide variety of topics.

Video Topics, Summary of Content

Romance, Sex, Intimacy

Because we’re creative spunky beings, romance can be quite a lure.Because we’re biologically programmed to reproduce, sex is an undeniable drive.Because we long to be connected, intimacy is critical to our health, especially our physical, emotional, and social health.Yet, the average American seems to have a lot of hang-ups and issues in these areas.Many of us are isolated and feel confused about our relationships.We often get into gender battles and end up with multiple marriages. This video is about finding balance with romance, sex, and intimacy and using them to contribute to our well-being.

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Many of us equate success with monetary gain and stability.That’s okay.But is it everything?Some people who have “made it”, feel lonely and lost on the inside, a deep emptiness.And some of the poorest people on the earth seem to be the happiest.Is it time to look at our personal concepts of success and perhaps find a more balanced, less socially imposed perspective?Are there other definitions of success that are equally as valid as financial success?This video takes a look at what it means to be successful, to you.

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There are a number of religions in this world and they all are due respect, even if we don’t agree with them.Well, I’m not including Satanism and hateful religions in that statement.Religion can be very valuable on a personal level and helps keep a society in line. We’ll look at the key beliefs of major world religions.This video steps away from any particular ideology and looks at the bigger connector, spirituality.We are all one. How can we come together as global citizens to make decisions that honor our Creator, support life, and protect mother earth regardless of our religious practices or lack thereof?

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Aliens / UFOs

Are they real?  There’s a ton of information pointing to the existence of aliens and UFOs in, on, and around our planet.  And now the Pentagon has admitted that the videos of UFOs are real (now called UAPs – Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon). I’m not going to jump into the debate or the larger political and religious ramifications of whether we’re alone or not.  Rather, I’d like us to look at what difference it makes to us as individuals if there are off-world aliens on earth or not.  They might be here to assist us in our survival or universal development.  Or they might be here to dominate us.  They might not even be here.  In this video, we’ll conduct a scenario analysis.  Each of us will need to decide what to believe.

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Reality - How do we know what's real?

Everything vibrates. Scientists are making big breakthroughs, especially in the area of quantum physics. Many have concluded that the basic building blocks of matter are not solid. This changes many of our perceptions about reality and might make it difficult to assess what’s real and what’s not. Our footing may not be on solid ground. This video gives tips on how to assess your reality, even if it doesn’t fit with Newtonian thinking. Perhaps we need to challenge concepts that have been superimposed on humanity, concepts which serve the agendas of the power structure.

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Spiritual Mission - What is your driving force in life? 

If you’re concerned that things may not be well on planet earth and if you feel restless and uncertain, you may be hearing an inner call. It’s the call to action for those of us who care about our collective future. Not everyone feels compelled to jump in. Not every being is on a Spiritual Mission, even though I believe we each have a spiritual purpose. Recently I started feeling more compelled to carry out my Spiritual Mission, which includes raising awareness, so I’m speaking out. This video offers ways for you to discover and follow your Spiritual Mission. Your everyday wisdom will guide you in selecting your path forward.

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Spiritual Wealth – Do you combine money and spirit to gain true wealth?

Are you dependent on your job, caught in the pursuit of the good life, and suffering from the debt that can come along with it?  The extreme wealth of a few families on earth and the extreme poverty of many is a clue that things might not be right here.  If we have enough spiritual wealth and if our hearts are loving, will the sustainable distribution of resources on the planet take care of itself?  Maybe.  What will it take for those in power to do the right things?  Well, we are the ones who have power over our lives, but many of us don’t realize it.  What will it take for us to do the right things with our personal resources?  How can we influence the humane use of global wealth?

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Politics – Games, lies, and unmet promises, or a way to heal the world?

No matter what your personal political views are, we as a human society might be in big trouble if we don’t find common ground, respect our differences, and work together for the betterment of all inhabitants of earth.  There is so much pain in the world caused by battles for political power.  Anarchy may not be the answer.  We don’t all need to be political activists, and none of us need to be crusaders or zealots.  We need to be level-headed and objective while at the same time brave enough to point it out when some political decisions hurt humanity and life itself.  This video is designed to bring a calm, yet hopefully effective, perspective to the political outrage we may be feeling inside. 

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Mind Control – Do you control your own thoughts? 

Do you control your own thoughts? Are you aware that you’re being programmed each and every day by advertisers, rules and regulations, social structures, and religious and political agendas? If you watch commercial TV and if you watch the news channels, you are not in control of the input that’s cleverly going into your mind. You may think you are forming your own opinions, but think again. Millions, if not billions, of dollars are being spent to find out how to push your buttons, appeal to your emotions, dissect your psychology, track your interests, create your algorithms, stimulate your fear, and make you think and spend the way the profiteers want you to. But we do not have to be automatons. This video is about tapping into your higher mind, which is connected to the Divine mind.

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Quantum Physics – Be happy, motivated and energetic using the principles of Quantum Physics

The key principles of Quantum Physics are vibration, frequency, and energy. The keys to having a lovely life are your own vibration, frequency, and energy by accessing Your Everyday Wisdom. This video helps everyday people use the new science for better health, well-being, and happiness.

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Truth – How do we know what's true?

Truth, like reality, is party objective but mostly subjective. We, the subjects, influence and determine what is true, based on our perceptions of reality. Accessing your everyday wisdom might require a new way of looking at truth in this day and age. There’s a lot of talk about government coverups and information being hoarded and misconstrued to keep people off-balance. It might be time for us to find what we know from our internal sources rather than depending on external concepts of truth.

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Consciousness – An attribute of our co-creative abilities?

Everything exists based on awareness of it. In other words, if we’re not aware of something, it doesn’t exist for us, though it may be influencing or even controlling us. It becomes a part of our known reality once we become aware of it. The key characteristic of consciousness is awareness. As a creative being you can place your conscious awareness where ever you want to. This is how we shape our reality. But how do we know what to include as part of our conscious reality and what to exclude? We’ll take a closer look. This video includes a self-assessment tool to help you evaluate your current level of consciousness.

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Energy – Are we running out?

Energy is a property of everything that exists, according to modern physicists. Everything is in motion. Surely, we need to safeguard our own personal energy if we’re going to live happy healthy lives. Perhaps we also need to look at what’s happening to our global energy. You have the everyday wisdom to take care of yourself and your family; to exchange and maintain enough energy for survival. You also have the everyday wisdom to investigate global energy and come to your own conclusions. This video explores some options.

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Conspiracy Theories – What to listen to and what to ignore?

Should we pay attention to the conspiracy theories circulating today? There’s so much information available, trying to understand it can lead us into paralysis. There’s also a lot of misinformation, disinformation, twisted information, and fake news. Who knows what to listen to? Well, you do. You have the ability to come up with your own theories about what’s going on in your personal world and the larger world around you. You only need to use your everyday wisdom to sort through the information and decide what’s true for you. This video includes an analytical tool to help you decide which theories to respond to, if any.

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Love - Is your life filled with love? 

It may take a lot of love to maintain healthy happy lives in our changing world. If we succumb to hateful, greedy, and/or harmful ways, we will be creating a world that thrives on drama, pain, and suffering. I’d rather live in a peaceful, beautiful, and loving world. There are a lot of mixed messages circulating about love. Judaeo-Christian culture, where God is loving on one hand but condemns his wayward creations to horrible conditions (hell) on the other hand, is confusing to me. This video is designed to help us get clear about what love is and what it is not, recognizing that we probably won’t all come up with the same distinctions.

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Physical and Mental Health - Are your body and mind strong and peaceful?    

People live longer in the U.S. than we did 100 years ago, mostly due to a significant drop in the infant mortality rate, but are we really healthier? A lot of people are on medications that they’re told they need to take for the rest of their lives. If we’re going to safeguard our lives and our planet, I believe we need to get healthy and stay healthy without chemical dependency, if we can avoid it. This video includes several checklists to help you assess your physical and mental health. There are also suggestions on how to maintain your health for the long run.

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Emotional, Spiritual, and Social Health - Are your body and mind strong and peaceful?

Do you have enough social contact?

What do we need to do to protect ourselves from going “postal” or having some other form of emotional disturbance?  How can we keep our spirits vibrant when there are so many pressures in everyday life?  Do we have strong social circles that are supportive of one another?  These are some questions we’ll be exploring in this video.  If you’re struggling with too much to do and not enough time in which to do it, this video is for you.

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God – What or who is God, or the gods?  Published

Here’s the extent of my understanding: God is love. That’s all I know. We humans try to use our finite minds to understand the infinite. Can’t be done.  We’ve ended up with a lot of division, confusion, and religious wars over who and what God is. This video is not about the “right” view of God or which translation of God’s word is correct. Each of us has a spark of Divinity within. We have all been created by God. This video is about listening with your heart and your everyday wisdom to follow God’s will for you, the best way you can. I truly believe that our Creator’s will is far more wonderful than anything we could ever imagine.

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Artificial Intelligence – Are you willing to work for the machine?

If you have a job that can easily be done by a robot, you may want to focus your life planning in a new direction.  And it’s not just the low-wage jobs that are subject to automation.  If artificial intelligence develops to the point the AI engineers are dreaming of, there won’t be many jobs that the computers/robots cannot do better than humans.  If you think this means the end for humanity, you might be in the right place.  But what can be done about it? How do we prepare for a world run by computers?  Maybe we’re already there.  Human ingenuity might just be a tool that artificial intelligence uses.  Let’s think about this.

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