Dinner and Dialogue Events


Friday, March 20th at 6:00pm in The Transformation Center.

Reserve your seat by calling 406-399-0952 or texting 720-838-8779.

Cost for the event is $15 per person.

Formal Dialogue is the practice of listening to and sharing ideas and insights with fellow community members.  Anne will serve as facilitator of our dialogue yet the topic will emerge from the participants.  There are no pre-set outcomes of this type of dialogue but there are some rules of engagement that we’ll discuss beforehand.


This Process is based on the work of the late Dr. David Bohm, a well-recognized quantum physics theorist.  David devoted the last ten years of his life to the concept that formal dialogue explores the manner in which thought is generated and sustained at the collective level.  Such an inquiry calls up deeply held assumptions, beliefs, culture, meaning, and identity. In its fullest sense, dialogue is an invitation to explore what it means to be human and to entertain the prospect of an enhanced community, or stronger humanity as a whole. 

(On Dialogue, by David Bohm, edited by Lee Nichol 1996). 


The Purpose of engaging in dialogue is to become more mindful of each other and to think together on topics of interest or concern.  We tap into and observe the individual and the collective mind.  We create an intentional environment for insights to surface.  Sometimes, but not by design, community dialogues lead to desired social behaviors, inspired community actions, wide-spread acceptance, and/or to peace in chaotic times. 


4 C’s of Dialogue 

  • Collaboration: We’re all in this together

  • Connectivity:  We are connected to everyone around us, one way or another

  • Compassion:  We care about ourselves, others, and nature

  • Conciousness:  We listen with awareness and wisdom