Workplace Ego Transformation

Coaching Program 

Core Content:

  • Identifying where the ego is causing problems at work

  • Determining ways to gently but effectively address the ego

  • Taking a close look in the mirror at the way you think, speak, and act in the workplace

  • Understanding internal energy currents and learning why some things are free-flowing and other times it feels like you’re driving with your foot on the brake

  • Making correlations between the way you think, speak, and act and your challenges as an individual contributor, manager, or leader 

  • Allowing transformation to occur once these correlations make sense to you

  • Working from your true, authentic self 

Who Should Participate:

  • Employees, managers, and leaders who have received negative feedback on performance reviews and are willing to make changes to be more successful 

  • A person who’s been told their ego gets in the way of their job effectiveness

  • People who want to be promoted and don’t see what’s holding them back 

  • Those who want a more loyal and enthusiastic workforce

  • People who often blame others and haven’t made the correlations between their ways of thinking, speaking, and acting and negative results in the workplace 

  • Individuals who want to develop personal mastery as well as a high level of work performance 

Benefits of Program:

  • Because the ego is often bruised, delicate, or out of control, this course creates a safe environment for looking closely at how the ego causes workplace problems

  • Participants learn ways to address their egos in such a way that opens new opportunities and possibilities

  • Participants are provided with opportunities to practice ego transformation exercises during the training

  • Participants are provided with several self-assessments and a workbook for continued learning after the training event