Image Shift Training and Coaching

Core Content:

  • Self-Knowledge Workshop – Personal Style, Listening Persona, Strengths

  • Focused Conversation – Imaginal Education and the Individual

  • Personal Timeline and Story – Participant Observer Role

  • Current Limiting Image and Current Behaviors

  • Messages and Values that Keep Current Image in Place

  • Current Results and Desired Results

  • Supportive Values and Images for New Desired Image

  • Behaviors to Establish New Image

  • Force Field Analysis, Tolerations, and Blocks

  • Daily Habits Plan and 21-Day Program for Securing New Image

Who Should Participate:

  • People who are willing to make changes to become more successful

  • Job seekers and  those wishing to increase their earning capacity

  • People undergoing major transitions and transformations in life

  • Those who desire a better life and feel they have an internal saboteur holding them back

Benefits of Program:

  • Participants learn ways to utilize the practices of observation, reflection, and detachment from their personal stories and limiting patterns

  • Participants are provided with opportunities to practice the image shift skills during the training / coaching

  • Several self-assessments and a workbook for continuing the learning after the coaching is provided

Format of the Training / Coaching:

  • Training sessions (the time involved depends on how much depth and practice is included)

  • Follow-up coaching to help integrate the training


Anticipated Outcomes: 

  • Individuals will create their own plans and set aside time for Image Shift practices

  • Participants will be more open, engaged, and enlivened by their new self-images

  • Personal transitions and employment will be more productive and enjoyable

  • Individuals will be more capable of resolving issues and challenges with their Image Shift practices