Mindful Leadership

How This Program Can Help Leaders


The intention of this program is to provide leaders with a framework and tools for undergoing change intentionally and mindfully.  To create sustainable organizations, we need to listen at a much higher level than in the past.  We must envision a future which is open to new possibilities and based on new strategies.  Mindful Leadership is about being present to what is occurring, making an ally of change, causing new beginnings, and maintaining or improving professionalism.


Who Should Participate  


  • People in leadership positions and those being groomed for leadership within the organization’s succession plan.

  • People who are willing to develop personal mastery by examining their thinking, attitudes, methodologies, and perhaps making changes to achieve new strategies.

  • Leaders who are guided by their visions and have big missions to accomplish.

  • Those who seek new ways to lead others to a higher level of achievement.

  • Leaders who recognize the link between an engaged and fulfilled workforce and bottom-line results.


Learning Objectives


  • To bring a quality of presence and mindfulness to leadership activities

  • To engage in meaningful dialogue; discovering the roots of possibilities amid changes, challenges, breakdowns, and opportunities

  • To help positional leaders and emerging leaders develop equilibrium in preparation for the unknown future

  • To provide leaders and staff with tools for addressing and improving their work environments

  • To groom emerging leaders for success in a world that does not yet exist