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Facilitation is a core competency in today's work with groups, whether you are a leader, manager, or consultant. Yet most people become facilitators with little or no training in the art and skill of facilitation. Ineffective meetings cost time and money in terms of lost productivity and lack of buy-in and support for initiatives. 


Effective facilitators know and use basic facilitation techniques and have a toolbox of methods, processes, and techniques to address a variety of situations. If you are new to facilitation or have never had facilitation training and would like to improve your existing skills, this two-day course is for you. 


Training Modules:


  • Understanding Facilitation and the Facilitator’s Role
  • Planning a Successful Meeting
  • Creating a Collaborative Environment
  • Facilitating Difficult Group Dynamics, Situations, and Behaviors
  • Group Decision Making and Consensus 


Sep 28-29, 2017 Herding Cats Facilitation Skills Public Seminar