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Business Transformational


Mindful Leadership

Leaders today are faced with more changes and stress than perhaps ever before in human history.  This program provides the framework and tools for mindfulness:  being present, embracing change; and  improving professionalism and productivity.

Mindfulness at Work

This program is offered as a two-day training or as two-hour workshops on specific modules.  It is designed to help participants manage stress, create a more positive work environment, and increase their job satisfaction.


Ego Transformation

Let's face it, we all know an out-of-control ego can cause a strained work environment.  This course brings awareness to ego issues and identifies ways to create a healthier, more enjoyable, and more effective work environment.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

  • Preparation and Design

  • Developing a Practical Vision

  • Identifying Barriers

  • Creating Strategic Directions

  • Implementing the Plan

Leadership and Board Retreats


Designed to assist leadership and board members to develop effective vision and mission statements, establish procedures, and create a strategic plan